Gravity Screens are surface constructions whose form results from gravity’s effect on their material patterning. They are composed from elastomers of different Shore hardness that allow the screens to alter their shape horizontally, from flat to curved, and vertically from collapsed to extended. Rubber’s elasticity and high weight to volume ratio make it problematic as a self-supporting material. However, the compounded effect of excessive weight on a stretchable material causes it to stiffen and hence become structural. This understanding became the basis for numerous experiments that explore the formal and material relations required to develop structures that can move between mutable and stiff.

Omar Khan (director), Dan Barry, Nellie Niespodzinski, Brian Podleski, Dexter Ciprian, Si Li, Dirk Pfeifer, Nicole Scharlau.

Gravity Screens website

Day For Night


Day For Night was a temporary architectural environment that operated on the street life of downtown San Jose, California […]

Situated Technologies Pamphlets Series


The Situated Technologies Pamphlets series explores the implications of ubiquitous computing for architecture and urbanism.

Sentient City: ubiquitous computing, architecture and the future of urban space


Sentient City explores the experience of living in a city that employs networked digital technologies to remember, correlate, and anticipate.

SEEN-Fruits of your labor


An infrared urban screen for promoting dialogue and interaction between remote publics.

Propagative Urbanism


Propagative Urbanism is a way of thinking about shaping the architecture of urban space in terms of a bottom-up, participatory approach to the evolution of cities.

Media Robotics I: Physical Computing


This course introduces basic concepts and techniques for creating objects, spaces and media that sense and respond to their physical surroundings.

Extreme Homeostats: the architecture of ill-tempered environments


A graduate design studio that develops responsive architecture for the NYC subway and addresses environmental health problems.

Relational Geometries


A technic course that introduces students to parametric design and rapid prototyping technologies.

Turbulence: Air Responsive Architecture


A graduate research studio that explores the atmosphere of the freeway and proposes various responsive architecture that engage its ecology.

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