SEEN was commissioned by and installed at ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, AUGUST 7-13, 2006.

SEEN-Fruits of our Labor deals with projected hopes, the American Dream, (in)visibility and the global marketplace. It addresses the current US debate on immigration which, in our view, is blind to people’s actual needs, shortsighted in its solutions and myopic in its framing of what it means to be an American. SEEN expands this debate and reflects on the real impacts of globalization on people’s sense of self worth. Our project asks members of three communities that make up San Jose’s Labor needs — Silicon Valley’s tech workers, undocumented service workers and outsourced call center workers — one question: What is the fruit of your labor? Their responses are displayed back to the general public on a 4’x8’ infrared LED screen whose content is visible only through digital capture devices (cell phone cameras, digital cameras and DVcams etc.) used by the audience.

Omar Khan and Osman Khan (direction), Cesar Cedano, Matt Zinski, Alice Ko, Drura Parish, Dustin Ohara, Elliance.

SEEN-Fruits of your labor website

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