Data and (Dis)obedience Conference

Mark Shepard participated on a panel discussion at the Data and (Dis)obedience Conference hosted by the Northeastern University See Something, Frame Something Project

The conference aimed to highlight artists working on surveillance themes; provide attendees with information and inspiration they can use to support their advocacy; promote collaboration among academics, grassroots actors, policymakers and other advocates; encourage critical engagement among attendees to strengthen their respective work; and lay groundwork for future research collaborations and conversations on the topic of data collection practices and state-private partnerships. In tandem with these discussions, we will host the NGO Tactical Tech’s newest edition of The Glass Room, the Misinformation Edition, an interactive exhibition on data and privacy that provides different ways of understanding how technologies and data are changing our lives.

The See Something, Frame Something Project is an interdisciplinary research consortium of Northeastern Law’s Center for Law Information and Creativity (CLIC) and Center for Public Interest Advocacy and Collaboration (CPIAC), along with Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media and Design, College of Social Sciences and Humanities and Khoury College of Computer Sciences, that explores the legal and societal implications of state-private collaboration in the surveillance of marginalized communities.