Functionally Graded Textiles

This research intends to test the applicability of auxetic textiles in architecture. Auxetic materials exhibit a negative Poisson ratio; a unique characteristic that allows them to expand in all directions when stretched, opposite of the way typical materials react to the same stimulus. Auxetic behavior in materials is being studied at a range of scales and has proven to hold great potential for various applications that require flexibility and stability under loading.

Research Trajectory A is based on the conceit that auxetic behavior harnesses great potential to advance the performance of contemporary tensioned membrane materials. Research Trajectory B intends to investigate the architectural and structural potentials of helical auxetic yarns (HAY) as a component in fiber-reinforced composite materials. This research is proposed with confidence that an interdisciplinary study of HAY-reinforced composites may result in novel, customizable sheet materials that are structurally and environmentally resilient. 

Nick Bruscia (director) with assistance by Zack Fields, Frank Kraemer, Jelani Lowe, and Kevin Turner.  Industry consultation: Advanced Fabric Technologies.

This research is supported by the Nohmura Foundation for Membrane Structure’s Technology. 

False Positive

A mobile performance and workshop that enacts a surveillance conspiracy engaging the public in an intimate, techno-political conversation with the mobile technologies on which they depend.

Hertzian Rain

Hertzian Rain addresses the competition for signal dominance through a participatory scenario for real-time, asymmetrical communication between sound makers and sound listeners.