Reflexive Architecture Machines is an exhibition of faculty and student research in responsive materials conducted at the Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Urban Planning. It displays the products of the design lab, presented through drawings, models, tools, material studies and working prototypes that demonstrate the process by which projects are conceived, researched and developed.

Reflexive Architecture Machines envision architecture that is self-organizing, capable of transforming itself in response to changes in its environment or use. It re-imagines how we shape and assemble conventional materials, like rubber, plastic, and wood through a combination of material and computational processes to develop more complex relations between parts and wholes. This fundamentally challenges the static nature of conventional building materials and sensitizes them to the ephemeral and dynamic qualities of environmental conditions like heat, moisture, air chemistry and gravity.

Includes the work of Omar Khan, James Brucz, Nicholas Bruscia and Matthew Hume

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