Hertzian Rain

As with other aspects of the physical world such as land, water and air, the electromagnetic spectrum is a limited resource. Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons (1968) illustrates the dilemma in which multiple individuals acting independently in her/his own self-interest can ultimately destroy a shared resource even when everyone knows this is in no one’s long-term interest. Hertzian Rain addresses this competition for signal dominance through a participatory scenario for real-time, asymmetrical communication between sound makers (sound artists, DJs, spoken word performers) and sound listeners (an audience) – or hybrids thereof.

Mark Shepard, Heamchand Subryan, Nick Bruscia 

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Functionally Graded Textiles

This research intends to investigate the architectural and structural potential of helical auxetic yarns (HAY) as a component in new fiber reinforced composite materials and tensioned membranes.

Tactical Sound Garden [TSG]

The Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] is an open source software platform for cultivating public “sound gardens” in contemporary cities.