Hida Workshop

Hida Workshop takes place semi-annually in Hida Furukawa, a small town in Japan’s Gifu prefecture that is historically distinguished as a prominent location for traditional wood joinery techniques, abundance of natural resources, and local timber industries. The workshop combines traditional craft with current digital design techniques. In collaboration with local thatchers, basket weavers and carpenters, recent workshops have resulted in a new interface between digital tools and joinery techniques, large scale prototypes, and experimentation with compressed timber through physical testing and digital simulation.

The workshop is generously supported by FabCafe Tokyo and Hidakuma; organizations that foster innovative design thinking through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Hida Workshop is directed by Nick Bruscia, in collaboration with Daiki Kanaoka, Junichiro Horikawa, and Kotaro Iwaoka. Industry collaborators / sponsors include Ibata Interior and Hida Sangyo.

2018 workshop:
FabCafe Magazine, FabCafe Magazine; Interview
2019 workshop:
Hidakuma Blog, Hidakuma Film 2020

Hida Workshop

The semi-annual Hida Workshop combines Japan’s traditional craftsmanship with current digital design techniques.